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Logos + Branding

Whether you are starting a new business and need a logo design, or just want a refresh on your old look, logo and branding design can be used by any business to maintain a professional appearance.

Why is branding important?

Consider the saying: "Beauty is the promise of Goodness". Caring about the visual appearance of your business shows current and future clients that you deeply care about how you look in all mediums: not just in how you dress, but all of the paraphernalia associated with your business. (i.e. advertisements, flyers, swag giveaways, internal documents etc.)

By extension, caring about your business appearance creates a promise to the client that you will do a great job. (before they have even used your services!)

Not only that, but branding has the unique ability to create brand recognition with people that have never used your services before!

How is branding done?

First, we create a memorable mark for your company with a logo design.  Next, we create a unique look and feel for you business. This unique look and feel includes professional choices on typography, color, photography, text placement, shape usage, and patterns to best fit your business' target demographic. The look and feel is is then applied to your company business cards, product packaging, letterheads, internal forms and templates.

Should I just do my branding myself?

As any designer will tell you, a branding project is a lot of work (20-30+ hours) and requires industry tools in order to be done well (professional stock photos, Adobe Suite, design expertise, print production expertise etc). Wouldn't you rather use your time, energy, and save your sanity doing what you do best (your small business) and allow a professional designer "wow" you with an amazing branding product or logo design?

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