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User Interface Design

Using UI Design to Increase Customer Satisfaction

User Interface (UI) Design, similar to User Experience (UX) Design, involves designing a simple, organized, and easy to use interface for the end user. UI designers are in charge of making sure that the end user is able to successfully navigate through the application with minimal effort to find what they need. UI designers often work closely with a software/app development team to help create a aesthetically pleasing and consistent experience for the end user.

UI Design Puts the User First

With technology becoming more complex and prevalent in our daily lives, app developers and investors need to realize how important it is to have a team member overseeing the user interface design from start to finish. As an example: we have all experienced a website or an app that is difficult to use, maybe you can't find the login feature easily, or vital information is hidden deep within a block of text. It is a UI designer's job to make sure that the end user has a easy and pleasurable experience while using an application.

Designing a User Interface is like telling a joke: if you have to explain it, it's probably no good.

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