Capturing Customer Attention in a World Full of Distraction (Part 3)

A great way to get prospect attention online is via Content Marketing.  You may upload your content to a few different platforms (as mentioned here). But what if you don’t know how to create valuable content?

How Do I CREATE Valuable Content?

Great question! As you know, quality content does not materialize out of thin air. In the beginning of your online journey, you’ll have to create it yourself.

  • For visual content, try
    • You can also get free stock photos from here.
  • For audio content, use
  • For written content, you’ll have to sit down and type it out it yourself! (Ie. On Microsoft Word or Google Documents) If you’re at a loss for words, check out a book from the library, read it, and then summarize what you just read in your own words. Having your own unique voice on quality content will help your readers understand and know you a bit better.

In the beginning stages of business, small business owners may have more time than money, so they may do their online content creation themselves. But as their business grows, their marketing plan is often neglected. If you’re in this latter phase of business, you may be thinking:

Help! I don’t have time for all of this!

This is a common sentiment. Many business owners don’t do online marketing because they don’t have the time or energy to learn how to use online media to help grow their business.

This is where creative minds come into play. You can get a creative worker on fiverr or upwork. Some are from the US but others are from abroad. If you get your content from abroad so you’d be outsourcing your content creation. I have seen very mixed reviews on this. Short term may seem like a great deal, but working with remote content creators for a low price long term becomes problematic for many of my current clients. Why?

Look at the below diagram for an explanation.

When you export your job overseas, you are buying cheap and fast service. The reason they are able to get your job done so cheaply and quickly is because they use cookie cutter template content to quickly get your job done without expending too many of their human resources (which is bad for both your SEO and your business perception). Cheap and fast models rely on very large amounts of customer base, which minimizes the time they are able to give your business quality content. (content that lacks quality often ends up getting “trashed” in the long run)

This model is correct for any industry, not just online media marketing.

I always recommend to hire someone locally that knows your business and can represent it accurately. Who you decide to hire is up to you, but be sure to decide on a marketing budget and stick within your business means.